Thursday, October 9, 2014

KIM Bird’s Nest Beverage

Product of Singapore

KIM bird's nest beverage is a natural and refreshing beverage made from genuine bird's nest and rock sugar. 
Hygienically processed, it contains no artificial preservatives and coloring. 

We have certified laboratory to do a testing and shows that the beverage contains 100% genuine bird's nest, with no jelly or gelatin added.

It can be consumed straight from the bottle, chilled or diluted with warm water, and can be kept without refrigeration. 

1 botol 230ml 
Beli 1 botol - 35rb
Beli 3 botol - 100rb


You can start caring for your body by consuming nutritious and revitalizing food and drinks that are 100% pure and natural with no artificial flavours. Try Kim Bird's Nest!

Relieve fatigue and revitalize your body with regular consumption of Kim Bird's Nest Ginseng 230ml!

Improve your metabolism and immune system with regular consumption of Kim Bird's Nest Sugar Free 230ml

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